There are few things that make an impression as a freestanding sculpture. As an entrance piece, in a fountain, or as a stand alone to compliment the surroundings. Artforms Studio has created some of the finest life like freestanding metal sculptures this side of the industrial revolution. Copper, iron, aluminum, to stainless steel. Reclaimed metal, wood, plastic and glass, all regain purpose under the skillful hands Kirk Davis.

Share your vision and imagination and allow us to embed our skill and trade craft into a true to life, physical representation of your focus piece. Contact us today to learn more about commissioning your central sculpture piece!



"We speak, draw and write in two dimensions. But life is not two dimensional so when i sculpt for myself and my clients i put together a three dimensional message because we want to break the limitations of the two dimension world" - Kirk Davis
Within all things there is beauty.
You have to look beyond the hard surface to what lies at the core. If you get there, then everything can transform to what you envision.



Is metal your only composite work material?

No, Iron, light metals and wood are where I specialize. But I am open to exploring many design materials to build a vision.

How much does your work cost?

Labor, material, size and delivery time are unique to each commissioned work.  I will quote all work before starting any commission.

Can you be commisioned outside of NC?

Of course! Anything crafted can be shipped through appropriate transport. We will discuss this in advance if you need a commission that must travel a distance.

Can you draw our design concept or just fabricate?

I love helping a vision come to life, from the conceptual stage through its completion. Yes, we can put your idea to paper.

How long does a commision take?

Size, Complexity, Material, Budget and current projects will always affect time. This will be discussed at time of commission quote.

Can we see your works in person?

Works at the shop may be viewed in person, however we need a visit to be scheduled as we are sometimes off site for installation or on-site work for clients.


4912 Bridges St. Morehead City, NC 28557


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