Artforms Studio, specializes in design and fabrication for individuals, businesses, architects, and designers.
For over twenty years Artforms Studio has offered expert craftsmanship using traditional techniques. The voluminous skill set includes all phases from designs to fabrication to finish product, all in any medium required by the client.



Kirk Davis, at age five with keen curiosity watches as his mother draws a cartoon character of a peanut. As with any five year old, his excitement caused him to ask his mother to draw these little doodles as often as patience would allow her. That moment set ablaze a passion that would be fueled by friends and family, and unleash a desire to create.

Early into his teens, Kirk would expand his craft into the trades. Having a grandfather who was a master craftsmen, fostered an attention to detail that has persevered through today in every piece that was and is produced at Artforms Studios. The Experience with his mother, and grandfather were the springboard that launched Kirk into a relentless pursuit of knowledge and experience. East Carolina University was the perfect fit for this Kinston North Carolina native. It was there that Kirk pursued and achieved B.F.A in fine art with a focus in sculpture with a particular love for African Art History.

Working his way through college, Kirk had the life changing opportunity to appetence with Dennis Cobb; a local sculptor and foundry owner. During the several years under the tutelage of Dennis, Kirk became skilled in historical restoration and preservation. Dennis took the time to pass on the skill set of making and casting art to Kirk. All of Kirk's passion and creativity, sharpened and focused by his mentors, led to his applying this priceless knowledge to his collegiate studies and graduating at the top of his class.

In 1997, fresh out of college, Kirk would take a bold step of opening up his first, full service design studio: 1113. One of his new first jobs, was working as the designer for the world famous Hatteras Hammocks, making new and innovative designs that would help set them apart from their competition. During this time Kirk was commissioned for many works both domestically and internationally. Creating fine sculpture, one off unique furniture, sculpted hand railings and many architectural elements for high net worth clients who desired to have the very best in functional and unique art.

2002 came changing his location, and in name as well. 1113 studios, became Artforms Studios and a location closer to the beach. Morehead City, North Carolina became the new home. This new location brought new waves of creativity and allowed Kirk to continue his growth as an artist. Drawing from the energy of his new surroundings, Kirk continues to create; fusing cold steel with natural earth elements of wood, stone, and reclaimed materials.

Over the past twenty years Kirk's focus has been the design and execution of unique sculpture, furniture, and architectural metal work. Utilizing the concept of collaborative work, he encourages client input with the design process. This makes a lasting relationship and ensures an end product to please all clients whether they are individuals with a fine art commission, architects, or designers, everyone's needs will be met and most likely surpassed. It is Kirk's endeavor to communicate to others the power of art objects, creating bold new works that make a positive statement and contribute to the overall aesthetics of life.
When I work, it's not a job.
 It is a passion .
part of me is left with everything.
 My art is my legacy  I pass on to others.



Is metal your only composite work material?

No, Iron, light metals and wood are where I specialize. But I am open to exploring many design materials to build a vision.

How much does your work cost?

Labor, material, size and delivery time are unique to each commissioned work.  I will quote all work before starting any commission.

Can you be commisioned outside of NC?

Of course! Anything crafted can be shipped through appropriate transport. We will discuss this in advance if you need a commission that must travel a distance.

Can you draw our design concept or just fabricate?

I love helping a vision come to life, from the conceptual stage through its completion. Yes, we can put your idea to paper.

How long does a commision take?

Size, Complexity, Material, Budget and current projects will always affect time. This will be discussed at time of commission quote.

Can we see your works in person?

Works at the shop may be viewed in person, however we need a visit to be scheduled as we are sometimes off site for installation or on-site work for clients.


4912 Bridges St. Morehead City, NC 28557


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